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Osama Bin Laden is dead. The man who started this century with blood, and forged a radical religious movement which started with 200 followers, and which now spreads to one third of the Globe, this man divided and polarised humanity, like no one did ever before.

Here are some interesting snippets.

1. Probably the first news of the operation. No one knew then it was against Osama.

2. The man who live tweeted, without knowing. ( 1 and 2 ), and the exact location of Osama’s death.

3. The reaction among Kashmiri separatists, who termed him as martyrs.

4. The Timeline from Af-Pak Channel, who are carrying a series on “Bin Laden Aftermath”.

5. Praveen Swamy, on the Next Generation Al Qaeda. Smooth as ever, paints a grim picture showing that the battle just got bloodier.

Apparently, the World is still a grim, cold, and more dangerous than ever. Even sad fact is Ajmal Kasab, Aftab Ansari, and Afzal Guru still lives on taxpayer’s money. And Pakistan still denies Dawood Ibrahim.

But yes, ” Revenge is the purest of emotions… – Mahabharat “.

So, congratulations to the Americans, and two thumbs up for democracy, and the fight for a free World.