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WE DID IT! Third country in the world, fourth space organisation in the World! Against all criticism and ridicule! And ahead of China and Japan, being the first Asian country!

So much was said, about poverty and priority, as if the Europeans didn’t spend money on ships and colonising and instead made toilets in the seventeenth century…about money badly spent, about a “third world” country not having the same technological rights or capabilities…but now is not the time to reply to those arguments. Ignore the morons.

1. This mission is one tenth the cost of NASA, ESA, or Roscosmos. It will bring immense tech commerce from other countries using our cheap and affordable technology. There’s a reason NASA wants to partner with ISRO for this mission’s data.

2. It provides job to over 30000 people in different capacity within India.

3. It helps in ballistic missile technology, and future deterrence.

4. It gives us bragging rights.

But no point…you can’t make everyone happy. Some people will be imbeciles anyway.

So, here’re two memes…which will probably show what we Indians feel about this Mars Mission.

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All we can say is, any technological milestone is a great day, a “giant leap” for humanity. And a proud day for Indians everywhere.

” Space…the final frontier… ”

Here comes the Earthlings!!!