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They’ve done it again. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Came out with a scathing report criticising US Drone attacks.

This has gone far now. This “Drones kill innocent civilians and violate human rights” myth, I mean.

It’s illogical, emotional, lacking empirical evidence, not corroborated and validated by facts or data…and to be honest, quite ridiculously stupid. Predator Drone - Afghanistan

To counter, here I have collected a sample of good researched based articles, countering the myth.

1. The Killing Machine: How to think about Drones

2. Drones: Actually the most humane form of warfare

3. You say Pakistanis all hate Drone wars? Prove it.

4. Drone Wars

5. For now, Drones are the best options

and finally,

6. The Drone War: Pakistani Public Opposition To American Drone Strikes In PakistanA Research by C. Christine Fair, Karl Kaltenthaler, William J. Miller.

Hope that shuts those hippies up.

One latest addition.

Dear Amnesty International, do you even know how drones work?

Now, that’s what is called a brutal takedown.

One more.

Striking back on the Drone debate : 3 questions

Keeps getting better!