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WHAT A WEEK! (It sure deserves a World Watch, the least I can do…)

1. Osama Drama is not ending. After Osama was given a proper sea burial, Pakistan warned of  “Dire Consequences” should there be any such unilateral action by the US or any other foreign forces, (read India), the US immediately replied to that with a Drone which killed 12.

The Pakistani extremists protested against Osama killing by gunning down more infidels Muslims

2. Osama Bin Laden death was confirmed by the Talibans, and the Al Qaeda…but disputed by Peggy Noonan and Pravda

3. Poor Thailand and Cambodia. They are fighting a war for the last few months…well not a real war, but a border war, whatever…but no one is paying any attention. First they were trumped by Middle East revolutions, then by the mother of all news Osama Bin Laden being laid to rest…(why does the world media hate them so much?)

They have vowed to fight on, till people take notice, and also take their war to the next level…that is Asean summit, which itself doesn’t get any attention…

4. There is something more humiliating than US Special Forces going inside Pakistan, without telling them and knocking down Laden. That is Indian Navy saving Chinese merchant ship from Somalian pirates.

5. Brilliant blog at WaPo on Hugo Chavez. Enough said…