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Runtime: 117 min
Audio: AC3
Language: English
Resolution: 720×480
Frame Rate: 23.9 fps
Video Bitrate: 2924 Kb/sec
Audio Bitrate: 256 kbps
Torrent Size: 815 Mb
Files: 3
Info Hash: 504f60d76c2b8c118d130d56d855c629911126ef

Year: 1982
Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Stars: Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young
Director: Ridley Scott

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Review: It Scotts best just now. There quite a lot of films with future vision. Movies have curious about mam forward in time, when there probably a post-apocalyptic era equipped with clichés? on stereotypical? and often miss the point. What Ridley Scott to achieve with this film, which is scenario completely can. It really feel like a novel science fiction brought to life, but not too much as a derivative written by Philip K Dick (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep). Dirty, cruel place the world live on their patients, lower class citizens Monday villain, not the court presented his , n praise for the colonies outside world. We have a real convergence of heavy winter nationalities.The references to Chinatown as part of the city, especially Ford also saw film reasonable poignant.This casting.Theirs idea that glamor rye Ford that no other actors can not be forged or fill quite easy. Rating his mixed depending on which version you see. For me, the directors cut is only too cut. I want the audience-friendly projectors, which have a remarkable story attention. Perfect for this time should be narrative moments tissue Batty described in their eyes, and death Ford summarize this man / machine passion and love for life No future .. science fiction films ever made other than a class before or since in the In my humble reviews. He captured the raw smell and future light scary evil is portrayed in movies, or even is better. From chase scene with Zora to overflights of panorama beautiful city, and chimney buildings skyscraper in one shot. This is My favorite movie of all time for others above and more, I have can easily print all day and all night cause.