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Hey guys, hope everything’s alright? I’m okay here, new semester starts, new students come…it is a great feeling to see so many fresh mind, eager and enthusiastic to learn and share new ideas, and not fixed like some older fools surrounding us.

My paper recently got published in United States – India Political Action Committee, on Trade Liberalization, protectionism, Foreign Direct investment, and poverty. I show with data correlation how trade liberalization helped in decreasing poverty in the third world, and how liberalization helped countries like China and India to grow and become market rulers, using their comparative advantages. I also try to answer why simultaneously other countries are not so successful in reaping the benefits of globalization.

There are often arguments we hear from activists, politicians, media and general public about how Globalization and trade liberalization is either good or bad. Both the arguments are wrong, misguided, misunderstood, shallow, naïve and ultimately extremely irresponsible. To claim a single formula to be good or bad for every country in the planet, regardless of their geographical position, resources, economic fundamentals, taxation and revenues, health, weather and temperature and other factors, shows a lack of understanding of the problem, oversimplification and ultimately lack of academic rigueur. Here in this paper, I briefly try to touch up on these points to explain why ultimately trade liberalization is a good thing, and why Protectionism can never be a sound policy.

The paper : Part 1 and Part 2.

Also, two of my essays on Realism and Indian Foreign Policy, and Chinese Security Dilemma got published, where I try to make sense of the growing Geo-political scenario playing out between the two Asian giants.

Will keep you updated with more papers about to be published!

God bless!