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Hey guys…so yea, I’m here to blog on the Indian gang rape.

Well, not really…stuff that. You think one blog is gonna change anything? Bollocks. I’m here cause I can’t take in the mind boggling hypocrisy and naivete around us. Can’t take it anymore.

Here’s why.Women self defense

1. Your protests won’t stop anything. To be honest, the things going on in Delhi and other cities are the biggest farce I’ve seen in my entire life. Indians need a reason to loot. You think that kid who is throwing stones at a five star shop, really cares or knows anything about women’s rights? You’re the biggest moron of the entire World then. Or maybe naive Western journos…who thought Arab Spring would be democratic. Anyway. Wanna stop rape? Fight. Learn self defense, take Karate classes. Carry mace, pepper spray, stun gun. Carry Swiss knife. Carry guns, if you have license. Fight to maim. Fight to kill. Women didn’t get voting rights all over the World by walking with a candle. They fought for it. Rape is much bigger issue. You’ve got a right to self defense under Indian penal code. Know the law. Use it.

2. Change the law on rape. Seven years prison maximum? Hahha! What a bloody joke! People in Indian villages want their daughters to marry their rapists! It’s a semi-feudal semi-medieval country. Money and Education didn’t change jack *beep*. India is no better than Afghanistan Taliban, when it comes to the mentality of villagers. Okay, not only villagers…ninety percent of males. Equality is not a concept here. Bollywood heroes are idolized on their innovative ways of basically harassing women on screen…and they call that wooing. Wooing, my *beep*. Class is something, Bollywood doesn’t know. Only way of getting Equality, get it enshrined in law. Force Politicians to amend constitution. Insert infringement of Right to Equality as a maximum cognizable offence, and not just a writ. Go to Supreme Court file a petition, they give Suo Motu verdicts on everything else…they can give one on this too. Use your rights, demand an amendment in Constitution…and force police and parliamentarians to work on your rights. Heard of Beate Sirota Gordon? Google her…read up. That’s how it is done.

3. Hang these rapists and murderers. Demand highest form of punishment. Deterrence works. This is not Norway, and let this not be Norway please…where they keep people like Anders Breivik alive in a taxpayer funded five star prison, which is better than my flat here in New Zealand. Hang those bastards from the nearest city square, from the highest public lamppost if needed. Screw propriety. Animals don’t/shouldn’t have human rights.

4. Call a spade a spade. This is not a Hindu Muslim thing. There was a Muslim man in Kolkata, a “left-liberal-progressive” city, who beheaded her sister cause she slept with a different man. Thirty years of communism did *beep* to change the mentality. It only radicalised people more. There’re Hindu Khaps, which are no better than Talibans. If you’re gonna fight against them, be prepared to fight against all of them. And yea, don’t vote politicians like this. Not just vote, ridicule them, humiliate them, make them retract their statement. Start up FB pages mocking them. Any politician, any party. Even people like Kejriwal and Anna Hazare who talks of cleansing society and defeating western influence. You’ve got a right to free speech and expression. Use it. I am not a feminist at all, I find them to be hilariously puerile…but if there’s one thing I agree with Feminists like Ruth Seifert it is this…men don’t rape for sexual gratification…they rape cause they get and like the dominating experience. It’s the mindset. Stop saying that women should be treated like “mothers, daughters and sisters”, cause that means prostitutes and strippers don’t have rights, and should be treated like *beep*. Ironic that Sri Ram Sene, or Amar Kranti Sene are protesting, as they beat up women who go to pubs. You are supporting their hypocrisy. Change your mindset, before you ask others to.

5. Finally…there’s a lot of interesting conversation going on around the comment boards. I read one in Huffington Post, where one Welsh lady said she won’t be in a “million miles to a Middle Eastern shithole like India”. Probably not a gold medalist in basic kindergarten Geography…but thankfully, we won’t ever have imbeciles like her visiting. We have enough imbeciles already. But that’s not the point. Point is, there is a lot of talk going on like “My country is better than yours”. If you face situations like that, arm yourself with stats. Slap those statistics and numbers in their face. Don’t start a debate about which country is better, but don’t take humiliation just like that. Be a mirror, make them see their own distorted face. Learn to give it back. Respectfully and politely ofcourse.

That’s about it…add your own in the comments…and share this list if you feel like it is worth. But remember, rights don’t come free. You have to fight and earn it.

” Do not go gentle into the good night…rage, rage against the dying of light… ”

God bless.