Wow. Can’t believe it is almost five months, since I last wrote a blog post. Yes, life is that busy and tumultuous…

Don’t know where to begin! So much happened in my personal life, travel, tutoring, students, my own research papers, a beautiful and soft-spoken person, and lots of hope for the future. Some bad experiences and disappointments were there too! But that’s part of life…

Meanwhile the World too moved on. US Elections, Russian selections, Chinese Party congress and massive Asia-Pacific geo-politics and balancing…it is gonna be an interesting 2013 in Asia! Some things stayed static too…Syria and Afghanistan are still hell…massive injustice against women still happening in North India.

In short the World is still the same, unpredictable…yet somehow vaguely familiar.

James Dellinger, who is my co-blogger is also quite busy as you noticed, and is not being able to contribute. The second half of this year moved so fast for everyone around us!

Anyway…here are some travel photos from my FB page…you can subscribe to it if you wish to stay updated on my adventures!

Also, here is my latest analysis on Japan and Asia. Just in case anyone is still interested in reading political analysis in the last couple of days before getting punch drunk in New Year celebrations!

Just one thing. And this is coming straight from my heart.

If there is one cause, everyone should actively fight for, it is equal respect for women in society. There are lot of injustice and abomination around, everywhere in the World. This is not a country or region or religion or caste or economic strata specific problem, this is the problem of mindset. The last gruesome act happened in New Delhi, India, a week back.

New Delhi Protests, December 2012

New Delhi Protests, December 2012

Fight for it. Fight for your fellow citizens. Fight against injustice. Fight against sexual harassment and rape. Do something meaningful in life. Don’t just be cocooned and satisfied. Do something. Have some respect for yourself, and your fellow citizens. Somehow. Something. Have some meaning in life, some cause to fight for, some cause worth living. Be noble. Be a human.

That is all.

Hope 2013 brings great joy, and prosperity in your life, you Dear Reader and your family. Hope all your wishes come true. And hope sanity, propriety, chivalry and nobility returns in society.

Wish you happy new year. God bless you all.