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Right…so my second op-ed came out today. These were the two papers I was working on in this break. Break over, papers over. Regular work again. Foreign Policy convention this weekend, seminars and convention on Power and Politics next weekend. And then Uni starts again. Which is writing more research papers. But longer in size. Confused? That’s life of an academic, love.

Anyway, the reason for this op-ed was I got a complain in my email, which I obviously cannot publish, that I am tilted and blatantly pro US. I didn’t try to argue, reason, or question the complainant but I take this opportunity to clarify that I am not pro anyone. Infact I don’t know honestly which school of International Relations I follow. I am mostly heavily influenced by Realism and to some extent Neo-Conservative foreign policy. But I have massive Liberal interventionist traits when it comes to humanitarian interventions, which is why isolationists might not like me. I don’t hate war, infact I am quite pro-war at times. That would probably make me a despicable sinner in the eyes of the traditional left and center left. I am very much socially liberal however, when it comes to morality and religion, which is why authentic conservatives would hate me.

So what am I? I am…”complicated”…in the words of Dorian Gray.

Anyway, speaking of which, here is what I feel Russia should do in Syria. Completely neutral opinion, as you would see. If only the Russian policy makers get a copy of this essay. Can someone email this to Putin please?!