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Yo everyone! Everything working fine I hope? I’m usual…a tad busy with work…like always. Been a mixed week! On one hand England topped Euro Cup group! Whoa! Imagine?! Who would have guessed? Merry Olde Englande!!! Onward, march on mates! God save the Queen!

But…on the other hand, closer to regular life, totally disgusted with numbskulled analysts and policy wonks trying to fathom the US shift in Asia and the alliance formation with India. Hang on people, too fast! Just a week to Leon Panetta’s speech and already so many negative analysis?!

Example one. Example two. Almost identical, and hilariously linear. I mean, obviously it is expected the American perspective would be…well…Americanised…but like, this is ridiculously low on research…not to mention one sided, and panicky at times.

I therefore, took it upon my shoulders to clear the mind of mortals, and enlighten them. Yes, I am noble like that. My op-ed came out today in Eurasia Review, where I explain what Washington should keep in mind before an alliance with India…and I strongly imply why woolly headed imbeciles shouldn’t be paid much by CFR or other think tanks and they should much rather employ yours truly. DO READ!!! Good for health and sanity!

Cheers and stay classic!