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On one hand:

NATO – New Zealand

Vietnam – USA

USA – India 1, 2.

India – Japan

Australia – USA

and a sum-up for US Asia Pivot.

On the other hand:

China – Russia 1, 2, and a sum-up.

And China – Pakistan.

Now, before you draw your conclusion…I would just like to point out, that I don’t consider Russia to be an opposing undemocratic geo-political foe. I believe, like this brilliant article by Dmitri Trenin that some of the fault were definitely on our side. Also, another brilliant piece explains Russia’s foreign policy in a completely different light.

But well…time will speak on which side of history who would be, and if the forces of geo-politics and economics would be too strong to stop a second Cold war. Time to hoist your colours meanwhile!

Si vis pacem, para bellum…baby!