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Sorry people, I really must apologise, I just can’t manage any time to blog! So much important things goin’ on across the World, the first EU Navy attack on Somalian mainland in hot pursuit of the Pirates, which is a major shift in strategy, French election won by socialists, Greece spiraling down further,

Guess who's back?

Guess who’s back?

Russian resurgence and revanchism, US elections, China – India eyeball to eyeball militarization, Al-Qaeda English magazine and Pakistan…well…being Pakistan…and so much else…but I’m just too occupied with my research and assignments! I just finished a piece, which was supposed to be around 3500 words, which is already over 4000, and still not concluded. I now need to trim it down…

In short, I’m totally doomed. My life now basically consists of Russian foreign policy literature and everything related to US – Russia reset/detente/rapprochement ever written, copious amount of Jim Beam Red Stag to keep me sane, and monotonous drone of cheap Chinese room heater, and combined sighs of fellow academics and equally frustrated researchers around me. Let’s be clear folks! The life of an International Relation researcher is NOT huge fun, distinct lack of the fairer sex being just one of the main reasons. Even more sad and worse, as we just have 18 more years to party apparently…

But hey…I bring you some brilliant blogs, as I always do, when I don’t have any concrete topic to write on! So here they are!

1. Nice blog, named “From the fourth corner“, from someone having similar interests! It’s anonymous, so I don’t know if I would address a he or a she, but guess that doesn’t matter…it’s the content which is important!

2. Another anonymous blogger “She walks in beauty“, but evidently feminine, very interesting and completely different subjects, and reminds me of Belle Du Jour somehow, I love them mysterious!

3. Now I’m generally a prosaic person (incredibly charming and irresistible though! But prosaic unfortunately…) But this blog “Beebeesworld“, with nice simple poems, and some serious thought provoking topic written very simplistically, just caught my attention! Do check it out.

That’s all for now! Stay classic, Planet Earth!