Bye bye Sarkozy. Le Petit Prince. I will remember you as the classic immigrant success story, not the ones people look down upon, but the one people should actually look up to. The last of the few classy, aristocratic, flamboyant leaders left in the World.

I would remember you for your sheer grit, and never say die spirit. I would remember you for single handedly stopping the War between Russia and Georgia. People forget, with time. That’s human nature. But I am sure thousands of Georgians and some Russians will remember those summer days.

I will remember your visit to Indian republic day parade. The classiest of Foreign President visits we’ve seen in a long time. Yes, even considering Obama, Bush, Cameron and every other leaders who visited us in the recent past…you are still the classiest.

I would remember you for giving leadership during the most troubling times of French and European economic crisis. Of binding the increasingly fragile Europe, and trying to stop the left and far right ruin for so long.

Au revoir. And good fight, sir.