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UPDATE : I forgot to mention before, and it would be a major felony not to share this big news with my readers. I got the Scholarship. The University emailed me a couple of days back, that they were pretty much blinded by my light and decided that it was a no competition. So that’s that. Life is sunny for me now, even in this awfully cold and damp part of the World. Thanks everyone, and I’m bloody brilliant, ain’t I?

ORIGINAL : Now, I rarely do short posts with videos anymore…but this is different. This is a video that is going viral, about the ongoing Iran Nuclear Crisis. It is a five minute “doomsday” docu clip, named “The Last Day” depicting the day after Israel launches a preemptive strike on Iran, and Iran retaliates.

Now, there are absolutely unbelievable number of trash that can be found on Youtube, generally with utterly hilarious photoshop, or video editing, and borderline ridiculous to extremely irritating comments and prophecies. Also, they are biased on either side. The reason this clip is not that is because,

1. It is very intelligently shot, ( “Section 7, former center of Israel, Jerusalem and vicinity” at the beginning of the clip just totally floored me… ) with a gonzo lifelike shaky handheld camera, giving the motion sickness effect,

2. It is absolutely unbiased, not taking any side, or propaganda, just trying to show how gruesome war can be, and what people in Middle East, on either side of the religious spectrum might have to go through.

A conflict journalist will always be a conflict journalist at heart, no matter how sober and peaceful his life is right now…so I couldn’t resist sharing this clip, just in case you have not seen this already. Just a fare bit of warning, the hand-held camera work can be a bit nauseating for some…and it is absolutely not suitable for children.