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As promised, here is another collection of pics. But I got complains in my mail, that some of you are having probs seeing the pics, maybe because I upload them on my personal FB, and then share it on the DWW page…but I still can’t fathom why, as it ideally shouldn’t be…my picture settings are mostly on public, and I can be found on search too!

I still really wish that you just join the DWW FB page though!

In other news, I am starting to write a guest column for the (famous/notorious depending on which side of the spectrum you are) Critic Magazine, the largest and most read student mag of New Zealand…my first column will probably come out next week. My editor is MEGA-cool though…and due to his advanced age, probably won’t even remember that I write for him…much less interfere in my journalistic liberty.

Sprightly young crowd

Also, visited a political seminar on land and asset sell, which is the most burning economic topic here presently, in a cathedral. Yea, that’s right. A cathedral. It was supposed to be for the youth, but was filled with a sea of humanity, the average age of the crowd being 132.54 years. The grandma next to me constantly dozed and drooled at my coat sleeves, but was the first one to ask for a pen, when the feedback forms was given.

But well…that’s a serious political discussion, for another day maybe!

So long! Cheers!

Part of job!