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Whoa! What a day! Got my Med check results, and the Police clearance certificate! Now have to lodge Visa next week!

Also, I finally got what I was waiting for, almost like, æons?

I finally got Ronald Asmus’ book on the 2008 Georgia – Russia war, an event probably much neglected by World media, but which will potentially have the greatest impact in the future of International Relations. Also, my “to-be” research subject in Dunedin. I asked others, searched almost all the bookstores of Bombay and Calcutta, begged, gave hints like I would be glad if someone gifts a book like this on my birthday…but finally realised, that eventually you have to control your own destiny, and ordered. Wait for the review in the next post!

It is sad too, that this book, probably the most famous one, on the war, was not available in any major bookstore in two of the biggest metros of India! Ofcourse as anyone can guess, the book is not much in demand evidently! Speaks volumes about the interest of public these days, eh?

I was discussing press freedom with Mitchell the other day, when Scott Anderson’s articles came up. For the uninitiated, Scott A is one of my favourite journalists, and a veteran War correspondent. The film “The Hunting Party” was based on his brilliant article on Ratko Mladic, one of the best examples of Gonzo journalism. Another controversial article on Vladimir Putin, was suppressed by Conde Nast, and was not published by GQ Russia. Market is a funny thing! If you are interested in Int-Rel and foreign policy, and you have not read any articles of Scott Anderson, then perhaps you should start right away, mate!

That’s all! The book calleth! So long!

P.S. : Some of my friends asked me, why don’t I write anything on the Republican debates going on in USA, in my blog, or in any publication I write for. Reason is very simple. I am interested in foreign policy. So, I saw two clips of Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain. The former was clueless about Chinese economy, the other one didn’t know what is the US policy on Libya. One can only afford to spend so much time on jabbering imbeciles. The only guy who is civil and knowledgeable, is Jon Huntsman, but he won’t win. Matter ends.