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1. I remember when Bush junior came out with the “Mission Accomplished” sign half a decade back, we observed ridicule all across the planet, with media craving for his blood. Iraq is going to be another Vietnam, it will give rise to countless Taliban type fanatics…yada yada yada. Neither happened however. Funny enough, Obama is NOT criticised for a mistake of even greater proportions in Tunisia and Libya. ( For more analysis on Libya and Tunisia… )

2. ” I was disappointed at the prospect of spending the next three years of my life in a country not advanced by any means; and one that was inhabited by people whose skins were even darker than mine! ”

Suffice to say, this memoir of a retired Pakistani ambassador to Sri Lanka is borderline racist.

3. Myra MacDonald, one of my favourite columnist, rips open Hillary Clinton’s visit to Pakistan. Nearly same time, Afghanistan vows to back Pakistan, incase of a war with USA.

4. A Saudi – Iranian cold war is taking shape. Which is interesting, as it has potential to destabilise Middle East. Allright, that was a bad joke. Destabilise Middle East MORE…

5. Finally, a wonderful blogpost on Occupy Wall Street, which I recently came across. All the more interesting, because the authoress herself went to the protests, and is now disillusioned with the ever increasing mob mentality and unleashed hooliganism. Like I said!