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Listing stupidity across the planet.

5. All art is quite useless – Oscar Wilde. Never been truer.

4. We have unleashed someone called Chetan Bhagat. Our Weapon of Mental Destruction.

Obedient Malaysian wife...

3. Of all the things one can accuse me, I am NOT a sexist. So here, women, getting a fair representation.

2. Idiocy and stupidity, aided with deviant instincts of loot, riot, arson, pillage and plunder, gives to criminal insanity. So here is the number two spot. Occupy Wall Street. ( Warning, this article of mine, comes with lots of links, and is strictly for those who consider patience to be one of their virtues. Also, I am unbiased, really. )

1. I am still confused if I can put this under stupidity or bigotry, but hell…this is just epic on so many levels and proportions, unchallenged win.