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1. Six months into Arab spring, a lookback at the main three.

Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya.

Also, Iran is going to have MAJOR issues with Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.

2. Hillary Clinton somehow thinks Iraq and Afghanistan is NOT in Asia. Implements a plan for US future, where she equates Indonesia with China and India, which is as ludicrous as her pantsuit. She talks about “freedom of navigation in South China sea”, “countering proliferation efforts of North Korea” without any plan whatsoever. It is doubtful she will be there to implement her plans, as Obama will be voted out next time.

3. Meanwhile, in dear Merry Olde Britanniathe motherland of modern democracy and rule of law…

They spelled "condemn" right this time...but screwed up "intervention"...

4. Back to our neighbourhood, apparently it is an act of holy war to beat up five year old girl students with iron rods. Some of the comments are just unbelievably awesome.

5. Finally, Russia-China NWO is back with a rare double VETO on Syria.

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