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(This piece also got published in the Freepressers.)

Two seriously important and related things happened in USA this week. Steve Jobs is no more. And over 500 “protesters” were arrested in one of the biggest rallies against capitalism, near the heart of capitalism…Wall Street.

The Class

How are they related? You see…Steve Jobs exemplifies the best of Capitalism…a man born out of wedlock, adopted in his childhood, dropout of college, started his first company in his garage, who went on to change the World, with his sheer talent, creativity, and never-say-die attitude. He had quality, he understood the market, and he provided, and the World welcomed him with open arms. He never had to ask for Government subsidies, instead, he went on to generate employment to thousands of the mass…when he was asked if he would layoff his employees he said that instead they would produce better products which would force the customer to open their wallets…

He believed in competition, he believed in winning…didn’t matter whether by a meter or a mile. And he hated mediocrity.

Because he came from a time, when men were men, when values were values…and he was not a coward, or opportunist to shy away from competition, or demand free subsidies, and blame corporates.

The Mass

On the other hand, we see a bunch of people…frustrated mediocre degenerates…who hates competition and survival, with self contradictory demands (like ending fossil fuel and stopping nuclear power stations)…a socialist generation used to subsidies, and more and more Government interference in their lives…mass of people who are used to get things free, blaming outsourcing, capitalism, and corporates for all their woes, instead of studying and fighting to survive with better products and services…

Typical. Mediocre. Pathetic.

Thank you Steve. And travel well. Maybe this World is no more for fighters like you.