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Last year I wrote a post on In-dependence Day, tho’t won’t write this year, as nothing has changed, and I sadly don’t see anything will change in the near future. But I am such a cynical soul…so here am I to spoil your enthusiasm and fun.

You think you are free? F**k you.

Can you read any books by Salman Rushdie and/or Taslima Nasrin, banned by our government? Can you booze, buy booze, go to a restaurant and booze, get booze in car and shout with a tri-colour wrapped upside down, just to show your love for your country? Can you see movies like “Import Export”, or “A Serbian Film” in any film festival? No.

Can you write a profane post about any religious community, or about any community for that matter? Can you say you want to go to Kashmir and personally shoot every rioters who buy rice at Rs 2 per KG, on taxpayers money, and then burn Indian flag? Can you say you want to hang from the nearest lamppost, the Maoists and tribal leaders, who don’t let any industry happen on their land, and then ask for subsidy as they don’t have any “job and development”? No.

Are you free to say that you don’t wanna choose side between the Government, and Anna Hazare and Ramdev, because everyone of them are jackass-es? No.

Feeling pukish already? Wait there’s more.

The Government is watching over your FB and Twitter, there goes your privacy. The Red and Green terrorists walk free though. The Hindu Talibans known as “Khaps” are there killing any girl from village to marry, elope, or even study on their own choice. NRI women stopped at the airport for carrying a harmless sex toy. And you still can’t say that you can’t identify with the force-fed patriotic overdose of prehistoric songs. You can’t put on AC/DC Jailbreak and say that to you, this is the ultimate song to celebrate freedom.

All the while, you live in a fear, of being marked. If you conform to norms, then you are an ideal citizen. If you don’t, you’re either Fascist rightwing trolls, or Arundhati Roy’s disciple.

Let’s not kid ourselves anymore. You are not free, as long as your tho’ts are not free. There is no concept of banning, or dry-day, or prohibition, in a democracy. The day you will have freedom to choose, consider yourself independent.

Happy just another day.