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UPDATE : David Cameron probably read this post. Proves he has got balls of brass. Kicks out the lowlives from Govt. homes, stops subsidies. Unlike the Indian politicians, who would have probably given more subsidies, and blamed “capitalist and elitist exploitation”.

London is burning. A city with over 2000 years of history, the motherland of democracy, plurality, tolerance, rule of law, industrial revolution and ofcourse the English language…slowly gets destroyed by a bunch of sick and depraved degenerates, as we sit and debate over the cause of the problem. Where did everything go wrong? Is it a race riot? Is it a White backlash? Is it the culmination of the anger against the injustice meted out by the Government, Administration, Market Forces? Is it a fight for survival of the lower strata of society? Is it plain anarchism like the 80s? The answer is, it is all of them.

The people rioting are not deprived of their necessities. They are not race rioters, targeting a specific religious, or ethnic minority. They are degenerates. The remnant of a sick society, much like the spoilt brat of the family, who gets corrupted by tolerance to his indiscipline. The posters, calling for riots proves my point. “Come to East London if you want to get rich”, read one glaring A1. These masked and hooded “molotov cocktail” throwers are not protesting the death of any random man in police custody. They come to loot. And they are doing exactly the same. Without any shame, conscience, or fear of law. Because the law have been too soft. Because the law is now without the bite, without the fang. The society and the administration gave in to the abuse of the legal protection of human rights a long back to criminally minded perverts, who misused the human rights to justify their acts of criminality and wanton destruction, undermining democratic process.

The media and rights activists would be baying for blood, if a single live bullet, or tear-gas shell is fired and one of these protesters is killed. But why shouldn’t they? Why should be the police force be soft on using all means to stop this carnage? Why should the police force think twice before doing what they are meant to do…that is policing? We all know the answer. The pressure of politically correct and dishonest media. The misuse of rights as a weapon.

As of the matter of race, this is clearly not a race riot, though my prediction is, over the course of the next one month, the race baiters would come up justifying their cause during their “motivated” analysis. On both the sides of the spectrum. Both white supremacists, and the ethno-religious minorities. Both the side would talk about how their rights were infringed. But no one would point out ways to improve general relations, pointing out that it is the fault of both the sides. The ethno-Religious minorities have also failed to mix up and adopt the democratic character of the society where they migrated, instead tried to change the very society which once welcomed them. The ethno-religious majorities will keep suffering from a feeling of victimhood, with their generalised and dormant hatred against any and all, instead of genuinely welcoming the cream of the “others” and discarding the rest. Status Quo will be maintained, with lots of big talks about how plurality has failed. Happened everywhere. Happened in Australia, between whites and non-whites. Happened in India between the Hindus and Muslims. Happened in East Europe between different ethnic groups. Happening in London now.

Another important thing is capitalism in its purest form, is a forgotten thing. The ideology which promoted genuine competitive spirit, survival of the fittest, and the best of the best, is now forgotten. Instead we have politicians who take the easy and short sighted route reservations and quotas. I recently read about a group promoting “made in USA only” clothing. We have seen that in India too. Banning of genuine competition to promote, give leverage, or reserve a quota is easy to say and do. But it ruins the merit, competition, and destroys quality in the long run. And we, here, of all people, know how destructive a reservation and quota based on caste, ethnicity, sex, religion, and nationality can be to society. The whole of South Asia and East Europe is suffering due to this. Socialism is immoral and evil. USA is going down the same drain too.

Getting back to the riots. There will be thousands of pages written on the debate for the cause. But one thing is proved, and will never be justified. Low-lives are low-lives, and they will stay low-lives. The undemocratic anarchists, don’t have any colour, race, or religious identities. They are low-lives, and violent extremists, trying to subvert democratic process. They should be paid back by their own coin, dealt with severely. The rule of law should be brought back, by any means necessary. Otherwise “Democracy” as a process will also be a memory of a bygone, lost era, in the near future.
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