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Generally, when you don’t have to write anything, and also you are in a comic mood, you go for a World Watch…which is kinda like surfing TV on a boring day…but this time, we do have news…and analysis. Lots of them. Everyone important, news and analysis pieces. And in no particular order…

So here it goes! (Let me remind, this is a piece for serious students of Foreign Policy.)

Pakistan apparently seeks “clear terms of engagement“…with USA…which is probably never going to happen…it’s an ongoing war, buddy…and they kept Bin Laden. Simple thing enough to complicate the whole situation. Meanwhile, this research piece from Brookings states some important lessons for both USA, and India.

Meanwhile, the “Sharia virus” in Europe, throws up some interesting questions…and a small search in Google comes out with stuff, which might shock you out of your wits…Thankfully, (unlike ours!) their Judiciary is still sane, and democratic

Britain continues to march steadily towards being an emirate, just as Italy follows the rest of Europe…

But one does feel at times though, that maybe, Anders B was justified

Now, while talking about Anders Breivik…guess what ideology forms one of the basis of his mass murder? Yes, that’s right…Hindutva.

Finally, every world war, saw a boom of “motivated propaganda“. The coming one will also see no change.

That’s it basically. As I said in my last post about religion, it is the cause of all the World’s trouble, and no religion is good. Here, QED. Now you have read about crusades and major medieval religious wars and propaganda in your history books? Well…you ARE in one, mate…

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