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I recently read an article in Forbes, about the eventuality of Iran acquiring a knowhow of nuclear weapons. The article spoke about the broad consequences thereafter. Other than being hilariously naïve in the opinion piece, the article never suggests what can be the long term effect of Iran’s eventual acquiring of the bomb. I was astonished to find such an opinion piece which is pretty much devoid of any opinion as such, but here in I would like to rebut and highlight a few points stated there.

1. Nuclear Iran is not an eventuality, as stated in the piece. They CAN be stopped. They can be forced to close and dismantle their program, like Gaddafi during last decade. The nuclear program of Iran is not self made, it is borrowed knowledge, from a myriad of sources, and is a result of proliferation from North Korea and Pakistan, two states which can be called failed at worst, and rogue at best, with the bomb. It faced a huge setback, by the Stuxnet worm, but the setback was not sadly capitalized by the West. They can still be stopped, but that would need a “strong-spine” response from the Global powers.

2. Iran’s nuclear dream is not peaceful. Let there be no doubt about that. A country, which is ruled by a group of theocratic extremists, with no democratic structures in the decision making, and whose declared goal is the destruction of Israel. Let there be no doubt, that Iran, which is an epitome of hypocrisy, which brutally curbed its own democratic protests simulataneously supporting and calling for Arab revolt, which never spoke a single word about the ongoing Syrian massacre, while calling for blood on the issues of Bahrain and Saudi, which depends on Indian support to sell its oil amidst sanctions, and calls for global jihad in Kashmir, will NOT use its nuclear bomb for peaceful purposes.

3. Imagine the negotiating power Iran will have in world affairs once it will have bomb. It will use its new found leverage to negotiate with the democratic world, on issues of Palestine, Hezbollah, and Hamas. I mean, it’s incredible to even think that Iran will pay heed to any world power once it acquires the second “Islamic bomb” as they claim it will be. Just think of Pakistan, being the epicenter of global jihad these days. Is anyone being able to do anything about that? No. Why? Because it has got the deterrent against any adventure. Anyone who thinks Iran will be any different should go and check with a psychiatrist. Iran will be another Pakistan, giving refuge to a number of reactionary jihadist force, under its nuclear umbrella. Atleast Pakistan still has a democratic setup and a civil society, even though just in name. Iran will be worse.

Let’s face the reality, there is still time. Sanctions won’t work. They never worked. They never worked against North Korea, they never worked against Pakistan, there is no believable option that they will work against Iran either. If the World leaders decide, that they shouldn’t have another rogue state threatening them with WMDs they need to act now. And they need to act fast, and with force. Time is running out.

This article was also published in Freepressers.