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Digvijay Singh, the prominent attention seeker in our country, said a few days earlier, that the Congress party was not afraid of Ramdev, had they been, police would have taken care of him.

I guess, last night’s actions proved, they were indeed shit scared.

Coming to the point of merit, let me repeat that I am not in support of hunger strikes or fasts or any other arm twisting, or coercive method though. I didn’t support Anna Hazare, nor do I support Ramdev. Any coercion, or non-cooperation, is bad in a democracy, least of all mass action or revolution. It blinds, the rage. The emotion chokes logic.

However, having said that, here are some points, I would like to argue.

The hypocrisy of the media, being the foremost.

Sagarika Ghose, the Editor of IBN, probably was evident of the mood of the country’s media people, with her tweets. ( 1 and 2 )

The kind of hilarious logic that Sadhvi Ritambhara is on stage, so it means a Hindu plot is comical and utterly absurd. There were Muslims too in the crowd supporting Ramdev’s fast. If Medha Patkar, and Shabana Azmi’s presence in the Anna Hazare’s fast didn’t make it a leftist one, then Ritambhara won’t make it a Hindu conspiracy.

They might say, Ramdev is seeking attention after Anna, but I can assure, they wouldn’t have supported Ramdev, even if he had fasted before Anna.

Also, this fear and mania of “the Hindu conspiracy/plot” etc just cause the leader is wearing a saffron garment, amounts to paranoia.

But thats an arguement of logic. These leftist-liberals are more blinded by their hatred for the Hindu majority.

Secondly, now for all, it is proved, that the Congress inaction during Anna’s agitation was deliberate, as Anna was a plant by the Congress itself. It was troubled with aligations from all around, so the supremely cunning leaders planted a dubious man in a “false flag” operation to criticise them. What they however didn’t realise, that someday, tables might actually be turned.

With one late night police action, tear gassing a crowd of women and children, even though our Constitution gives us a right to have a mass meeting as long as it is not armed, this Government became synonymous to China, and the Arab Dictators of the Middle East. And they seculars, left-liberals, media people, human rights groups, all lost the minimum right and credibility they had.