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Arab Spring. Words that was probably used the most in the last three months. The “Democratic” aspiration of the middle eastern people, which is the cause of the sweeping, age defining movements in the Arab World. Wait a second, “Democratic” eh?

Here’s a fact check.

Yemen : The “rebels” who shelled the Presidential palace, are actually the tribal warlords, who don’t constitute the ruling party. They are fighting to take power. Just that. Assorted with Al Qaeda. That’s right. You heard correctly. The Al Qaeda.

Egypt : After the democratic revolution, here is the reality. Egypt is now a refuge of Islamists, going back to the old days of Israel bashing. And yes, Journalists are still beaten and molested. And rioting, too, goes on.

Tunisia : The place where it all started. Where do I start now! Just check the links. ( NPR, National, and Newsmax. )

Bahrain : A clash between ruling Sunni, and opposing Shia groups. Sectarian and religious power struggle, definitely not Democratic.

Libya : A tribal civil war, between, again the ruling Gaddafa tribe, and the opposing forces, with Al Qaeda. All I remember is President Obama saying, this “would be over in days, not weeks.” Anybody here, heard of a term called Mission Creep?