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1. Unbelievable! France?! FRANCE?!! Fighting six simultaneous wars?! SIX! “Even George W never dared!” (They are still not satisfied though…)

2. Burqa Ban (in France!). Oh man…exactly how many op-eds came out supporting, and dissing this? Millions…here’s one more, for all those who were saying its a matter of choice for the women, to decide on what she wants to wear…and not the state and the community.

She is most probably pro-choice...

3. This is the best news I have read so far, a speech by Mahmoud Ahmedinejad of Iran. Apparently, the Arab-Persian, Shia-Sunni, centuries old sectarian clashes are all created by USA. Who would have thought that. Some brilliant A1 piece of oratory we see here.
“America and its allies are trying to create an Iranian-Arab tension, they seek to sow discord among Shiites and Sunnis… but their plan will fail.” (Yes, for centuries…the first one to create this discord among brothers is probably George Washington.)

On a side note, however, as he said that speech, 12 Iranian engineers were kidnapped in Afghanistan…by the Talibans.

4. Its a ongoing fashion in Africa, to have riots, and civil war, just as after someone wins a Presidential elections. This time in Nigeria, a man named, Goodluck Jonathan won the elections, and is set to be the new President. Immediately after that, riots broke out…

5. Epic. The aftermath of the Egypt revolution, which USA supported…