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(My other Op-Ed in Washington Examiner, on the same issue, here.)

Most of the serious students and followers of International relations have probably read about the Clash of Civilizations by Samuel P. Huntington. For the uninitiated, it is a upcoming clash between hardline Islamic and non-Islamic World that will define the future of the Planet.

It seemed true with Nicolas Sarkozy who called for a ban of Burqa in France, calling it to be a “medium of subversion” of women. (For reference, read the BBC’s charting of the current situation regarding face veil in Europe.)

Now apparently this is a tricky issue. I am a born Hindu Brahmin, practicing hedonist, absolutely and utterly irreligious, and to be quite honest I don’t have a clear opinion about this. So I would not try to give any expert Op-Ed comments.

But I will point out some interesting situations which I noticed across relating to this…

Fact number 1: Muslims are all over the World are conservative.

Rather on the contrary, I found astonishingly massive number of tweets denouncing Burqa, Taslima Nasreen (1 and 2), Nadeem Paracha (1), Raza Rumi (1), and Marvi Sirmed (1 and 2)

Also supporting the Burqa Ban are articles by Nazneen Sheikh and Mona Eltahawy. Both Muslims, by the way.

Also, just in case, Turkey, and Syria have banned any kind of religious dress code too.

Fact number 2: Streetfights across France and England as an immediate aftermath of the Burqa ban.

I don’t know how to define this. The faces of hate, on both sides of the spectrum, which we are seeing of the English Defence League, and the Sharia for Europe groups are both equally despicable holy bunch of degenerates. (Am sure there is a pun in there somewhere…!)

Interesting to see people fighting in the streets, both side arguements based on freedom…on one side, freedom from religious subversion, on the other side, freedom of choice…

Now, as of me, I personally don’t appreciate any kind of rules by State (or for that matter anyone, regarding anything, am against rules)…dress code or not. The State, or community, (like the North Indian Hindu Khaps) ideally do not, or should not have any right to dictate, only except when it is matters of security, like Passport photos and security checks etc.

Similarly I also believe in freedom of practicing, preaching, and propagating one’s own religion, as long as it is not being a menace to society. If someone. deliberately wants to wear face veil…fine…its her own choice…

But I also agree to the counter point…that the women, who are NOT willing to wear a face veil, should not by any way be forced…by any one…in the name of religion, honour or anything. Unfortunately we see a lot of subversion, and force, and even honour killings, just cause some woman wanted to be different…that is the sad extreme other side too. And that is very much prevalent.

I also agree to the arguement that migrants should not show absolute blatant disregard for the customs and traditions of the host country, and should by no way show a dignified middle finger to the laws and constitution of the land.

Being an indifferent and unbiased observer, a silent spectator of events that I think myself to be, I don’t know, nor am I sure of the long term fall out of this. The only thing I am sure of is, that this “Clash of Civilisation” is going to be one of those defining moments, which might change the course of history. Whether for better or worse, only posterity will tell…