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I received an email as to why I do not upload or post anything ever about Military videos. I frankly do not have any answers to that though…maybe because there are SO MANY videos in the internet, that to pick and choose from them is a Herculean task…

But still giving in to the demand, I decided that I will post a video from youtube, once occasionally. Thats a start. Maybe later on I will make it a weekly or fortnightly feature…

Well, this week…I got a video of Russian Missile Systems.

Every one will ask why to start with Russia. Fact is they still have got the most sophisticated missile system in the World, their export of missile hardware is the largest, and their nuclear warheads still the highest, and given their resurgence of the economy in the recent years, and their pounding of Georgia in 2008, I couldn’t find any other country to start with.

Here’s the video: “Hier Kommt Die Sonne”

Missles and Systems featured here are Grad, Tor, Katyusha, Smerch, Strela, and Iskander.

Song is Rammstein – Sonne. Watch from 0:56 to 1:10. Epic!