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I was looking back at my blog, and couldn’t find the last time I actually came out with a “World Watch” piece. The last few pieces were so unbelievably boring serious, that I guess I owe my readers with one view on the rumors thats going on the internet. So here it goes…

1. China and Vietnam, did their part in promoting Human rights and freedom of expression. Indians are not much behind though…

2. At one point of time, the Germans used to fight the whole world alone. And the French used to surrender. Well, not anymore. France, the country which was surrendering to almost everybody since say about 200 BC, was the first country to bomb Libya, as Germany moved away its warships from the Mediterranean in order to be out of any conflict. And now, after Libya, its the turn of Cote d’Ivore. Okay that sounded hideous, Ivory Coast. France is on a roll, and Germans are shying away from the war in Libya. Strange, strange times! Can we call this the French blitzkrieg? Or that will be too politically incorrect?

Bottomline, French armed forces technology came a long way from this.

3. This is amazing! Guess who’s the “original King Julian” of the dance floor?

4. A comprehensive list of new democratic movements of the “burning” Middle East. Pravda however says, that Latin America is more screwed, and there can be war any moment from now…

5. ” The reality is that Obama has some 15 countries in the current Libya coalition. President Bush put together close to 50 countries for the Afghan coalition, some 40 countries for the Iraqi coalition, more than 90 countries for the Proliferation Security Initiative and over 90 countries in the Global War on Terror, and yet as your question suggested, he was called a “unilateralist.” ”

That sums up this absolute gem of an interview of Donald Rumsfeld, in Der Speigel. A must read.