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Okay, the Korean comedy is nothing new…the two countries, the oldest existing Cold War border…the states divided between communist, spitfire, moronic, impoverished, Type-O-dong wielding “Great Li’l Kim”, the angelic, chosen one, messiah leader’s paradise North, and the Jack Daniels drinking, puke porn watching, epic money making,  hot babeland, practical, lively, Capitalist South…frankly, the people between the two states can’t be differentiated, atleast not by features…cause they look exactly the same…but still the eventuality continued. North keeps on bugging the hell out of South by torpedoing warships at night killing 48 sailors, and shelling non militarised populated islands, and South keeps on threatening the North that they will retaliate…if only they attack “two more times” (Mitchell Blatt…obvs…)

So here’s what happened

And here’s a cool map, which will help everyone to understand the real situation…(ripped it from the National Post!)

US Prez Barry Obama was woken up at 4 AM , and promptly took shelter under his desk…(okay, the last part might not be true! But just visualise! :-))

So how is it apparently different this time? It’s different ’cause thiiis time, the trigger was pulled not by Li’l Kim, may peace be upon him, but by his son, the identical double chinned Tiny Kim, who is apparently fulfilling a criteria of mandatory bombarding South Korea, before his formal throning ceremony…

Or…maybe…it’s just youth Hormones, you know…like we play “Counter Strike” or “Project IGI”…only too real, and thousand times more deadly, with the spineless and appeasing World cowering down, in order to avoid confrontation…..