Man, life sucks for a Public Relations dude…wherever you meet people from outside your country, which I do quite often due to the nature of my job, the topic of discussion inevitably goes on to Commonwealth Games. Is there shit in the bed of athletes? Does Indian policemen charge foreigners with planted grass? Are white women safe in “conservative” North Indian cities? Is New Delhi as safe as Bombay or Calcutta? How much amount of spices in your Biryani can lead to chronic puking?

Here are the answers…No there are no shit in the bed of athletes, the photos in BBC were from ages back during the preparations time…these are the real photos, and NOT published by someone from India

Indian policemen don’t charge foreigners randomly with planted Marijuana, they are common people working for a Govt. agency, and let’s face it, 60 percent of Europeans in the Paharganj area of Delhi searches for Manali Hash…so it’s technically not wrong to arrest someone wanting to live the 70s flower child life. Rapists DON’T look into the colour of women…Indian, Latina, Western, White, Dark, Japanese everyone stands a chance to get violated if they don’t follow the standard safety code from their embassy…I mean, come on! How unjustified can it be if a woman half tripped on LSD takes a lift from a bunch of strangers at the dead of the night? (That’s exactly what happened to a Russian girl in Goa…) And for that matter even Indians get mugged in broad daylight in Western countries…does that mean that we cower down and stop travelling?

Lastly…you are having Indian food goddammit! We Indians can digest arsenic, and live with that fighting our corrupt socialist Government! So you do the math!

Prob’ly a thousand articles have already been written on this grossly overused piece of Colonial legacy…the only one that remains, and insatiable western curiosity of this land of Elephant god, where people eat with their hands, and hug each other in the market place, instead of a snooty handshake and superficial talks about the weather… I won’t be able to change the perception with one Blog post…but believe me, you gotta feel this country once you are here…like thisand thisand this

It’s a magical world, Hobbes…ol’ buddy…let’s go explorin… – Calvin and Hobbes, last strip published, 1995. ”

An edited version of this piece was earlier published in the U.K. news website The-Latest.com where yours truly is a Featured Contributor.

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