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Okay long time we didn’t do any World Watch, and I was surprised to see that the old World Watch posts still get the highest readership. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I decided that I should dedicate this World Watch post to my loyal readers, who still visit my blog everyday in search of new articles, even though my fate, aided with my relocating to Bombay and ludicrous amount of work had an inversely proportional effect on my content and regularity.

This is the first one…this blog has been accused of being partial to Hindus…though I categorically maintained that I am an irreligious capitalist…looking down upon religious fanatics of all colours equally. So here is one story where Hindus made the country proud by imitating the Talibans.

Christians didn’t stay much behind…

The BBC uses words which our London educated Indian newsreaders shudder to use…you know which word I am talking about! They also did another divine task that God ordered them to finish.

Man, religion is a f##ked up thingy!

Nevermind! Israel should be happy Syria will now use Russian (read Soviet scrap, cause Russia never sells new weapons) arms, and will lose it’s fighting edge.

The Indian left-liberal media would still say that the Maoists have the support of the poor villagers.

Meanwhile, Iran is churning out the much needed comedy breaks

Among global left-lib triumph, the Vikings fought back…

But something happened for India which might go well with the Pro-Iran Obama Govt.

Meanwhile, it’s been a long time I never came across something so strong and blunt, that it hits your ribs like a straight jab…and I recommend everyone to read this, specially Arundhati Roy and her followers…

And finally…yes, they do pay for these kindof researches…

So long, until next time…till then, stay classic…planet Earth… ๐Ÿ™‚