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Sorry folks…new life in the city delayed me with this post. Indians will identify with the political drama that goes on for weeks, these are just two instances of the unlimited and unarchived comedy we have to endure everyday, promoted by our Media Morons Moguls…

Hat-tip: Email which I received in my mailbox, I can’t name the source, ’cause it was anonymous. Also, pass me on with such stuffs, and I post them for the delight of my readers. 🙂

1. Prince’s day out.

Everyone knows the Prince, the heir apparent to the dynasty ruling our country, his qualification and credibility being the fact, that his surname is a Gandhi. Here’s “Chosen One” Rahul Gandhi’s performance, in the movie, “Glamdog Chameleonaire”, the premier documentation of Dalit Tourism in India.

I guess he doesn’t know the fact that people automatically follows a leader, if he is actually true to his cause…

2. Southern wannabe Gandhi…

This picture needs no introduction…I’ll just copy-paste the text from my email.

” First time in the history of the world fasting only 4 hours and that too with an AC …….
This is the comedy of the year 2009…. Fasting starts after breakfast and ending before lunch. Interesting one!! ”


Well…you decide, who deserves the award…the award for the screenplay and story already went to the media…