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Oh man! What an end to this week! The greatest traitor on planet Earth in modern times, who puts on a leftist-liberal progressive robe and an anti-war mask to justify his crime of putting thousands of soldier’s lives at risk, is finally nailed! (Literally and figuratively)

Bugger, (well!) got charged with Rape and Molestation in the place he tho’t he was safe!

Nothing happened though…he will now “face” rape charge…and m-i-g-h-t get arrested…

We have seen this before haven’t we? Like Roman Polanski? Something is seriously wrong with these anti-war people…

Support is pouring in though

Guess who is taking the lead?

Okay here’s the story, for those people who won’t read those links…Wikileak founder, along with a Gay, communist soldier of the US army (who looks weak and meek)…betrayed their country, and the ultimate sacrifice of thousands of unknown soldiers from all across the World, for all practical purposes, as it seems…for oral sex…

(Must have been listening to Britney Spears – Gimme more, while…..)

Man! Gay, communist, anti-war folks…is a deadly combination

And by the way people, here’s the punchline…if you guess that the great anti-war hero was victimised, then lemme just clarify…the people of the country, who actually faced the war…is definitely not as critical as these rapist perverted celebrities…’cause they were saved from the Taliban, and the Tyranny of Saddam Hussein

Lick baby…lick…

(By the way do you notice, that I have used lots of rhymes and Homo-nyms in this story?)