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Hello people…let me start by apologizing for not being regular…as usual…

I am getting posted to Mumbai, and will be joining office from the 30th of this month. So as you know, last minute prep, flight bookings, shifting blues, and lots of relatives and old buddies reunions (with lots of whiskey, water, Disprin, and black coffee, in cycle, which is giving me a serious hangover…)…My Dad’s cool as ever, but  my Mum is all teary eyed, which she being a Bong woman, of advanced age and energetic habits, is a formidable power to reckon with. Benevolent words said to the neighbours, like, “Oh…he is only there for two more weeks! *sigh*…” is giving me a feeling that I am suffering from an incurable form of disease…and is increasingly adding to my agony…

Anyways, I was toying with the idea of coming out with a post about Twitter, since the day my Tweets were featured in the Funny PerkyTweets of Blogadda. Frankly, that one was a shocker…though I am kinda used to with this feeling. Like I studied Science in my final Boards, and went on to be a Graduate of Socio-Legal studies, then experimented with a French diploma, in French language studies, before doing my Masters in Journalism and Mass Comm., freelanced as a journalist for a couple of mags and websites, before working as a Public Relations dude. Similarly, here I started Blogging, and got featured as a funny Twat. (Twitter users are known as Twat, no? oops!)

This randomness of life is what makes it interesting…and not boring… *bulb alert*

So, gradually I realised, that Twitter is the next best thing on planet earth, (the best thing being…your’s truly…) and there is no greater glory, than being Retweeted. [Also I realised that being famous in the Twitter world, is inversely proportional to replying to others, and the less courteous you are in maintaining the decency of answering in even oneliners, monosyllables, grunts, and groans…the more you will be recognised as a superstar, and your followers will increase…atleast here in Indi-land. But that’s a different story, and I am evidently no Twitterstar, or even in the race of being one in the near future…]

So today I am coming up with my pick of Funny T’s (lets keep it politically correct…) which I guessed I should do. Now there can be a question that how do I come up with a list when I don’t follow a lot of people? Well…I maintain a list, only accessible and seen by me, of people who I find funny, in this grossly overboiled, and grumpy planet, people with a genuine sense of humour, who can keep a straight face, and enlighten us with their philosophical ornaments…and an important criteria being wit,’cause honestly I don’t find slapsticks funny, though I use it occasionally, with people who seem to like it…basic survival strategy and quick impression tool, mate…

I am leaving out meself, as I am a prodigy, and I want this to be honest… This list is random and in no order, like most things associated with me, and will feature a different 5, and change in the coming months. And sorry, Chetan Bhagat, I know you are still the biggest joke around…but can’t seem to place you here, which is my loss completely. And before I go on with this piece of literature, here’s my 5 of this edition of Twitter Watch.

Ramesh Srivats: One single Retweet, or a hashtag can become a trending topic with his touch. Especially his anagrams, which are just very much right in front of our eyes, but just springs out like a 3D picture, when it is made clear by him. The Aamir Khan of the Indian Twitter world.

Surekha Pillai: This is in NO WAY related with me being in PR. I started following her recently, and if you are not, then you are committing a major felony. This lady can put a smile on your face, (not in the “Dark Knight” style though…) and is a magician when it comes to designing, using the characters in the keyboard, within the 140 character of the Twitter, with the designs ranging from ducks to derrières.

Devious Chick: I honestly started following, (virtual stalking) this babe looking at her DP which was attractive and distant, at the same time. But slowly got hooked to her various definition tweets, where she clears the mysteries that is baffling closet philosophers like me for aeons, thereby saving me the time to think, and thereby saving humanity. Also incidentally, she is one of those few who actually bothers to reply back. But that didn’t influence my judgement, not one bit…word!

Major Butt Retd.: Our beloved former Major of the Pakistan army, is a foreign policy giant. Without his assessment of the realpolitik, no event of this planet is complete. Adding to that is his love and respect for the Queen’s language and his goats, and his sense of honour for his country, which can only match Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

Greatbong: Not the Bong that we smoked in our Grads…but frankly, can anything or anyone be actually greater than this man from my hometown? I got influenced into blogging, and that’s quite something, in’nit? ‘Nuff said…

One last honourable mention, out of the list though, but this post would be incomplete if I don’t mention this legend. And now you know why…

There you go… *phew* that was tiring! I’ll now go grab some chilled beer, and let my tonsils swim. Meanwhile just a disclaimer, this is only the first edition, coming out in the month of our Independence and mostly features Indians/NRIs and one obligatory Pakistani so that I look wise and fair (fair as in figuratively!). The next version will be more Worldly-wise, like it will have different people and will include Foreigners. Still if you are not satisfied…well…you know, there are other ways to satisfaction…try ’em!

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