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Never expected that I’ll have to dedicate a serious whole new World Watch post on one single subject. This has been a rage, a debate, the ultimate irony of Feminism and the greatest dilemma of the Left-Libs. What is empowerment, is it being pro-choice and wearing Burqas, or going down under religious extremist rule? Should women be allowed to wear something having it’s roots in the middle ages, that too in the name of religion and purity? If Europe’s ban is Islamophobia, what of Turkey, Syria, Tunisia, and Algeria? Finally, what exactly is democracy…rule of majority, or the defence of minority rights,  going against the majority?

You decide…

1. Spain.

2. France.

3. Belgium.

4. Switzerland.

5. The Netherlands.

6. Denmark.

7. Syria.

8. Europe and the Rest of the World.