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1. Finally…Belgium stands united in banning the Burqa. In a bold development, Belgian lower house of the Parliament, unitedly banned the Burqa, and/or the Niqab, siting it as a medieval subversion of women, and a walking prison. This comes after, Switzerland banned Minarets late last year. France is also going the same way, and there is a strong anti-veil movement in Netherlands and Denmark as well. Well, Europe is again showing us the way. The Jihad is finally stopping at the “Gates of Vienna” again. Now will the politically correct, and unbelievably moronic Asians and Americans follow? Or will they be still confused in debating human rights, defined by the left-liberal intellectuals? Time will speak…

“If senate approves it now,Belgium wd be the first country to ban the burkha.Hope they will do it to free women from being a mobile prison.” – Taslima Nasreen, Twitter.

2. Okay, fear grips Nepal, as Maoists plan “massive and indefinite” agitation from today, May 1. Unconfirmed reports that Maoists have started looting and demanding cash and food grains, from the traders and businesses, probably for the future. Well, the democratic Maoists are pretty much against the democratic mandate of the elected government, it seems…

3. Thailand chaos is slowly getting more and more surreal

4. The most damaging spy, in the history of NATO. He was born out of wedlock. Probably a lovechild of James Bond.

5. Yulia Tymoshenko, Ex-PM and opposition leader of Ukraine, who looks like an elf straight out of the Lord of the Rings (and a “b-a-b-e!”), says that Russia wants to destroy their sovereignty… (Well, if you need asylum pretty…India is always a good option! Jus saying!)