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1. Madhuri Gupta, 53 year old, ugly spinster, Indian diplomat, caught spying for Pakistan, after being seduced…in a classic case of curiosity killed the fat

2. Gordon Brown, the gaffe prone post-his-prime minister of Englishtan, almost screwed his already screwed chance of winning in the upcoming British elections.

3. This is a stunner! Russia publishes archives of it’s Soviet era Katyn massacre of the Poles during the second world war. But that doesn’t contain the record of it’s involvement of the recent murder of Polish President though… (For history, read here.)

4. Greece, the country perpetually in confusion and chaos, now passes that on to the whole of Europe.

5. In a brazen and arrogant display of communist subversion, Venezuela today nationalized and took over the lands of it’s brewers and sugar mills. And the world looked on…