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Here’s everything that you need to know about Madhuri Gupta, the national shame Indian diplomat caught for spying against her own country.

Name: Madhuri Gupta.

Age: 54, spinster.

Features: Fat nosed, on the heavier side. (I heard some one say that she looks like the vamp of some southern softcore flicks! But that’s not moi…honest!)

Position in the Ministry of External Affairs: Second Secretary in the Press and Information Wing of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Orientation: Straight, possibly, ’cause in any ways she got seduced by some Pakistani Bond.

Temptation: Money…bigtime. Sold country’s secrets for ISI money, enough said. Was confident of getting posted to Washington, or London. Probable reasons for that, either desire for more money, if possible dollars or pounds, or maybe she got wind of RAW agents tracking her for the last one year.

Mode of arrest and charge: Was called to New Delhi for consultations by the Ministry of External Affairs, after being tracked for the last one year by RAW agents. When she reached Delhi on April 23, she was reportedly taken into custody by the Delhi Police. After a preliminary interrogation by a joint team of the Delhi Police, the Intelligence Bureau and the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), she was produced before a magistrate for obtaining her continued police custody to enable the interrogation to continue. Booked under Official Secrets Act.

Punishment: In other countries, espionage against one’s own country only calls for death sentence. Punishment for traitors are exemplary, either firing squad, or hanging. But here in India, with the week kneed Government, and the “left-liberal” intellectuals, that is not possible. Indian government is still dithering about Ajmal Kasab, and Afzal Guru. So, maybe maximum jail for 10 years.

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