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1. There’s a funny thing about Indian spy agencies. The menfolks there are so sexually frustrated, that they get seduced by any female, of any country, age, caste, religion, creed, race, and probably even trannys…This time they got seduced by a 53 year old spinster, one of our own posted in Pakistan, who they successfully turned against us, and blabbered out secrets. Thankfully this female was traced and arrested on her way back in Delhi. Kudos to Pak, they scored one on us

2. China doesn’t gives a sh** about the military capabilities of India, Russia, or any other country, other than the U.S.!

3. Being inspired by Facebook-lite, CIA now comes up with Drone-lite.

4. Pravda, finest source of Russian journalism, laments that U.S. bitchslapped Russia in it’s own sphere. Some relief now, after epic US fail in Kyrgyzistan and Thailand.

5. In matters more serious, Thailand, tourist paradise, with wonderful babes and grand food, is slowly descending into more chaos, and increasingly going towards becoming another Afghanistan, where the “rural poor” or the “Red-shirts” (You can get the meaning from the names!) is violently taking on the elected government and the dithering forces. Time for some external agencies to step in, in order to restore peace and democracy.