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1. There are some people in this world, who don’t like development. And if given a chance, they will go back to stone age. Apparently the author of this essay is one of them. In a hilariously disgusting display of literary rape, this homo sapien, likes the pollution and crimes of Karachi more than the shiny and developed Dubai. Reasons, well there are actually none…but since when did these folks care about reasons?

2. If some one is actually confused about the rosy portrait of Pakistan above, here’s a reality check.

3. Closer home, Benazir Bhutto almost got a saint status, following her murder in the hands of Pervez Musharraf. Good to see some people still speaking the truth, without the melodrama.

4. Here in this gawkish and forgetful country, 76 lives were lost in the deadliest ever single largest peacetime casualty by the Maoists, a month back, the day this blog started. People forgot. And intellectuals kept on supporting the Reds. Over-simplification of the problem went on, with a deliberate propaganda being made to make the gullible believe, that Maoists and Tribals are the one and same. Here’s the truth.

5. Finally, we have seen this approach before during Vietnam, haven’t we? Too bad we never learn…