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1. Model French Imam, supporting pocket sized French president Nick Sarko, and also the Burqa-ban, is under attack from his own “secular” community…nothing new anyways though, as it already happened before in Englistan.

2. Bad time for Religious leaders worldwide, Christians, Muslims, and Hindus

[Well…Number 1, proves a couple of things, Religion is disgustingly offensive, and a neccessary evil, a tool of exploitation in the hand of the communists, who just needs opportunity to shout, and is a masive negative point for capitalism, and right wing economic movement as a whole. Number 2, that I am uber-unbiased…]

3. Weekly U.S. – Iranian hate porn. With a spicy twist.

4. Yellow peril, is finally coming true it seems, a hundred years after it’s coinage…

5. The British Obama is no fluke, as he continues to rip up Labour and Conservatives single handedly…charming the starry eyed Brits with his superficial promises, just as Obama did, a year back…Only good thing…Gordon Brown continues to screw up