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For the last couple of boring weeks the entire Shashi Tharoor drama finally snowballed into a murky and cynical IPL fiasco, resulting in the extended TRP of the newschannels, and diverting the gawkish nation’s attention from the gruesome killings in Dantewada to the glitzy underbelly of Indian cricket show business, much to the relief of embattled Arundhati Roy and her double scotch. The supremely hypocritical politicians, and moral guardian mediamen then tried to play in a straight bat, calling for an entire cleansing of the gentleman’s game, and the soul of the nation simultaneously, the zenith of it being, the nationalization call of IPL by none other than, epitome of honesty, Laloo Prasad Yadav.
The latest reports are that the man who made IPL possible, extremely erudite businessman Lalit Modi, has to probably leave the reigns to Ravi Shastri, a man known for his extreme regional bias, and with an absolutely zero experience in marketing and entrepreneurship.
Before someone accuses me of holding the brief for Lalit Modi, let’s get some facts straight. I am not for a guilty man going unpunished, that’s the job of the infamous human rights workers and leftist intellectuals in our country, whose only pastime seems to be supporting criminals, rapists, and obviously anti-national elements. But let’s for some time, forget everything and question the very set up of this whole drama. Let’s for sometime play the devil’s advocate.
1. Comparing Tharoor with Modi.
Nothing can be more hilariously naive and childish than to equate Tharoor and Modi. Other than the fact that Tharoor is an elitist, and handsome Stephanian, no fact can actually stand by shoulder. He has a female acquaintance (just keeping this thing a little controversial), Fact. He gave her 70% sweat equity in return for her hitherto unproved service and professional ability (practically nothing). Fact again, he said that himself in the parliament. That he is going to marry the female is also a fact, means that entire money is basically coming to his hand, but in a twisted way. The name of that female was not registered there in the board of directors and was included in the last minute…well, established fact. Tharoor’s man friday Jacob Joseph was present in the auction, thereby proving his involvement…video evidence. And lastly, for the people arguing, “if Tharoor is punished, let Modi too…”, I just want to remind them humbly, that Modi is a private businessman, to be tried under fiscal laws, whereas Tharoor is a minister, to be tried under corruption laws. So all the teary eyed, emotional folks, sorry to disappoint you…your Tharoor is no saint, and the decent change to Indian polity, as many believed him to be.
2. IPL is the worst thing for Cricket.
Matter of fact. IPL is not cricket. It’s cricket entertainment. Just like WWE in the US. So all the jerks coming from the fact of “alleged” match fixing, and betting needs to die down. Firstly match fixing is still not proved, so lets not defame the event. And for all practical purposes will never be actually proved, just like the times of Mohd. Azharuddin, and Kapil Dev. Indian’s are in awe of their demigods, and they won’t allow any taint. Secondly, lets be honest. IPL brought India’s cricket to a global stage. Millions watching, Billions invested, Thousands getting employment, and priceless fame to the country, things were never this rosy before. And without being hypocritical, after coming back from work, we all love to watch those honey coloured babes gyrating. Way better that drab white widow dressed test cricket.
But the trouble was that Modi was an excellent businessman, and thereby the cause of jealousy of the politicians, who couldn’t stand this larger than life image. Some questions still remain. It’s not that Modi turned villain in the last couple of weeks. What was the BCCI doing before for the last three years? Were they equally enjoying the show, and are just now trying so that they come out of the muck clean, even if that means sacrificing the lamb? What was the Govt of India doing? Didn’t they know of the transfer of equity shares, when it is compulsory to register any amount more than five crores? Modi is just a fall guy, a matter of ego for the Congress, who wants to settle score with the other side. In order to do that, if arm twisting is needed, so be it.
Amazing to see the consensus in public and participatory media, and social network sites justifying the tax raids though. Displays the socio-colonial lagacy that we carry. Indian’s are made to think in a tho’t controlled socialist environment, for the past 60 years, where generation after generation were made to believe that Government is the great messiah, the supreme controller and the ultimate judge. Well, one Olympic gold from a country of billions signify the complete opposite of Government controlled sports though. And as of the matter of tax raids, it is the ultimate subversion of democratic rights, and free market economy. No other government organizes tax raids like this, which only fattens up the pockets of some government officers, and does nothing else.
Change is caustic, tough, and offensive. True liberalism won’t come till we can’t change our socialist mindset. The dream of a free-market economy will remain a diatant dream, with TATA NANOs and IPLs being destroyed one after another. As of IPL, it will probably not see another season. And it shouldn’t either. The glitz, glamour, and international fame doesn’t suits us. We Indians only deserve government controlled, shabby, and hilariously boring sports, without any entertainment.