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1. European airspace ban lifted finally, even though the stupid, unpronounceable Icelandic volcano rages on. This is by the way, Iceland’s first notable contribution to World peace. Nobel comes next.

2. The Krygyz riots is basically ethnic in nature. This comes as a new revelation after weeks of pondering over the cause. The majority Krygyz mobs, is killing, looting, arsoning, and raping the minority Turkish and Russian ethnicities. Russia meanwhile grabs this opportunity to justify it’s expansionism, ordering it’s troops to protect it’s citizens across the border. One can smell a repeat of Georgia.

3. This should be a highlight news. Highly humane Chinese authorities, put 6000 history sheeters behind bars, in one single crackdown, in order to make Sanghai streets safer before World Expo. This is the prime cause of the success of China. If only we could have done that in our “democratic” country, without the Human Rights rabble rousing. *sigh*

4. Talibani updates across the World. In Philippines, Indonesia, and the Middle East.

5. U.N. under Ban Ki Moon, is in serious competition with the previous U.N. under Kofi Annan…in corruption, inefficiency and skulduggery.