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Mega sorry, for being late, as I tweeted before. It’s baking hot here in Calcutta, and I am really, really stuffed up with work! So here’s the much awaited Monday World Watch!

1.  If this is serious, it is probably the funniest interview I have EVER read by a politician! Jo-Burg mayor, who looks like he is suffering from extreme constipation, answers about the preparedness of his city before the Footie World cup!

2. Okay, trust the loonie leftist intellectuals for making up fictitious, imaginary issues to defame everyone other than them…all the while claiming to be supremely democratic! Michael Moore got a new follower!

3. Here’s the cost-effective, collateral damage reducing, smart way of ending conflicts. Though the person writing the article is a bit critical and confused ’bout it…

4. Forbes India thinks, Goa, paradise of the east, is losing it’s hippies, and foreign tourists slowly…but it failed to state the main reason for it. Rape… :-/

5. I really couldn’t choose from these literary ornaments! So am keeping all! From Pravda…
A highly twisted and confusing account of the CIA exploits.

The comrades still can’t believe that the war in Afghanistan, and Iraq is still continuing, so this is on the fallen braves…

Welcome Rap-sta V-lad Putin… 😉

Meanwhile, happy pot smoking day to you all, and to Pravda…