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1. Wow! And you tho’t the man who left his baby outside a strip club was a moron! Iranian mullahs, a supremely erudite subspecies of the Homo Sapiens, who never cease to amaze me, today proved Al Gore, and R. K. Pachauri wrong, by saying that the root cause for all natural calamities is pre-marital sex

2. Iceland continues to ravish the whole of Europe. And it won’t turn off it’s volcano, till it’s debts are cleared unconditionally.

3. In a development, that can be potentially damaging to the mental stability of conservatives worldwide, Nick Clegg, British liberal-democrat, underdog in the elections, is termed as the new Barry Hussein in the pre-polls…Okay England, glory days over…

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4. Iran says that they are basically building nukes for to destroy them at a future date, ’cause nuclear disarmament is the future.

5. In the first sign of rhetoric, and dissent, after the revolt, a Kyrgyz leader, wants the U.S. base to be shut from their country.