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(This post comes a bit late, thanks to me getting almost raped at my workplace regularly…!)

The real problem, India faces is not Shashi Tharoor’s choice, or Genocide Roy’s voice…it’s much more grave, menacing and impactful, than that.

A few stuffs, that I came across the blogosphere:

1. They say, that Right wingers are best in doing almost Goebbelsian propaganda, when in reality the truth is otherwise…clearly seen in the Gujrat-Modi case, and the left-liberal media.

2. A question, that was raising it’s ugly head in the mind of common Indians, when they saw the service chiefs opining what is needed and what not. Seriously, democracy and freedom of speech is good…but not at the cost of discipline, I presume!

3. You gotta read this! One of the best pieces about Maoism and misguided and romanticized youths!