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For ages, the west, spoonfed by Pakistan, took a supremely romanticized view of Kashmir jihadis who were fighting the Indian occupation forces. Bundles of literature were churned out to support the noble cause. Things changed after 9/11 though. U.S. one fine morning woke up to see that the frankensteins they mentored, turned against them, without them being even aware of it. Meanwhile with the coming of the internet, the atrocities done by the islamists on the original residents of Kashmir, the Kashmiri Hindus. Here are a few details. (warning: strong content)

1. Kashmir Atrocities.

2. On women and children

3. Genocides aided and abetted by Pakistan

But then that’s not all. This happens everywhere, in Iraq, and Iran

Unfortunately, this is how the leftists and progressives want us to deal with it