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1. Nick Sarkozy, ultra-sensitive french prez, the greatest 5 feet-er loverboy ever, and famous for banging an out of prime supermodel, slammed Barry Hussein Obama, for being a retard. (Thanks to Mitchell Blatt, for this excellent newstip, made my day!)

2. That same day, or maybe a few hours later, Obama got slammed again, this time by Shia-majority Iran, even when, that same day, he said he is “fond” of sunni-majority Pakistan, ’cause they share the same “shared democratic values”!!! (Bwahahahahaah!)

3. Okay, this is amazing! Details given by a molestation victim, at the hands of a priest, who is now possibly being protected by the Nazi-pope Joseph something… (Warning: don’t expect much, and secondly, NYtimes article…)

4. Double hurrah for the pro-rights!! Ruling Socialists crushed in Hungary elections, and Greek police arrests fugitive leftist guerrillas, at last…

5. Hillary Clinton, finds Benjamin Netanyahu’s cancellation of the ongoing Nuclear summit in Washington DC a joke, and laughs it off!